"...writers are desperate people. And when they stop being desperate, they stop being writers." - Charles Bukowski

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Alright cupcakes, I’m off. I’ll be on earlier tomorrow I promise. Love you guys.

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kagschann replied to your post “Hi! How are you? I really love your blog and I think you are really funny! That being said do you think our lovely Tom is a boobs or a but men? Love from Portugal!”

no no shhhh he will always be an ass man to me. spank that ass all over the house i mean come on sdhfsh

He is good with a paddle, now isn’t he?

Ugh. Look at that technique. I’m getting chills. Bend me over and just paddle the fuck out of me please Sir…

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Hi! How are you? I really love your blog and I think you are really funny! That being said do you think our lovely Tom is a boobs or a but men? Love from Portugal!

Hello darling! Thank you so much. I’m glad you like the blog! *hugs you super tightly*

I actually think Tom is both (or neither)! He’s been caught being not-so-subtle checking out each feature, so it seems he doesn’t have a preference. In my opinion, he’s just super horny and likes a pretty woman. ;)

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*hugs you super tightly* I already did 63, darling. So here’s the other:

21: How big is too big: For me, when it gets close to 8 inches it’s pretty fucking uncomfortable, at least for vaginal. That said, since I’m a masochist, there’s aspects of that that I still enjoy. And of course, Tom could be packing a 9 inch cock and I’d take it happily ;)

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Aww! I always miss out :( Stupid timezones. Can I still ask lovely? I am sorry for your losses, it is just, well the hurt is something I can understand and I am giving you so many air hugs. If I am allowed to ask still, numbers 17, 51 and 63. Love you darling!!!

Thank you so much, darling. And certainly you can. Sorry it took so long to answer though. *hugs you super tightly*

17: Have you ever tasted yourself? [If no, would you?] [If yes, what did you think?] Yes, and I taste fantastic. This isn’t that weird, honestly. Kissing a guy after they go down on you, when their lips are still wet with your juices, is the fucking hottest thing ever.

51: What is one thing that NEVER makes you horny? Obviously I’m a submissive. But men that think women should be sumbissive turn me off immediately.

63: How small is too small? I don’t know to be honest. Three inches maybe? No, scratch that. I’d still fuck Tom even if he had a three inch dick. Obviously he doesn’t, but whatever. Right now I’d take any dick tbh I need to get laid in a serious way.


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Okay, I don't watch GOT and the way that Joffrey kid died confuses me. (he looked a little disgusting) How did he die exactly? Was that by poison?

*hugs you super tightly* Yes, he was poisoned it seems. Supposedly you can see who did it if you look carefully, but I haven’t rewatched the episode yet. You should watch GoT, though, it’s awesome. So fucking addictive!

Anyway, please, if anyone has read the book (or rewatched and saw what I’m talking about) please don’t spoil it for me. I will block you.

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Signed by James McAvoy

He wrote his name about as neatly as he tied that tie.

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