"...writers are desperate people. And when they stop being desperate, they stop being writers." - Charles Bukowski

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Well, cupcakes. I have no more messages. None. And it’s dead as shit, so I’m off.

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I was looking forward to read Longing Still since you first told us about it, but I've been on a trip for a few weeks and I couldn't read it and now that I'm back I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the night :D

Hello sweetheart. Welcome back! I hope you like it. I need to post the next chapter, but when nobody bugs me about it, I get complacent and lazy :) *hugs you super tightly*

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No new photos of Tom Hiddleston on here lately, so I thought I’d post some of the less fabulous ones I took while he was filming Crimson Peak.

Actually, in retrospect, I kind of like this one, because although it’s low-res and his eyes are half closed, he’s doing that jaw-clench thing he does in the Jaguar ad.

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RDJ on his ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ co-stars

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Concept art of Avengers: Age of Ultron (click for full-size)

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That one time when Tom was one of us tho

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whittyonernc replied to your post “Hello cupcakes that I love. How is everyone? Missed you.”

Hi sweetie! Hope you had a wonderful day! *hugs you tight*

Hello darling! *hugs you super tightly* I had a pretty good day. Started my new ESL class, and that will be a fun one I think. Also got my final schedule for my awesome job, so that’s really cool. 10 weeks, 3 classes per week, but a really fucking insane amount of money per one-hour class. :)) Like I’d normally have to work about 10 hours for the same money. Eep. Also will do some side tutoring, and I have my other new job, so I’ll just need to find something to fill out my schedule, and then decide what to do after the 10 weeks is up. All I want is to make enough money to be able to rehab my student loan so I can start grad school. Right now I can’t afford it unless I can get financial aid again. Sorry! Somehow I got to talking about boring shit. Back to normal tumblr-friendly stuff: cocks, cocks, comic movies, cocks. Better?

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mad-doctor-mew replied to your post “Hello cupcakes that I love. How is everyone? Missed you.”

Hello Kerry :) hope you are well. As always it’s good to see you on here. Hugs!!!

Sweetheart! It’s nice to see you! *hugs you super tightly* I’m doing alright. How have you been?

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In terms of all the films you’ve done this is the first time you’re actually, I mean you’re genuinely part of this family of people now, that’s on-going. x

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