"...writers are desperate people. And when they stop being desperate, they stop being writers." - Charles Bukowski

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Oh cupcakes. I stayed up too late. I have to work very early, so I had better sign off. I love you all very very much and I hope you have a wonderful night or day (depending on which hemisphere you live in). See you tomorrow!

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Don’t you just love working early mornings?

I don’t mind it usually, really, because it gets it over with. But I just had so many late nights the past four days, it’s going to be rough getting going at 6:30. I usually get up very early, but I don’t usually get going until around 10 or 11. I’m dreading it. :(

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erdsthenerds replied to your post “Cupcakes!!!! I’m back! And soooooo happy to be here. How is everyone?”

Welcome back! We love you too!

You’re very kind, darling. Thank you so much! *hugs you super tightly*

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Kerry! How was your day? I miss you when you're not here <3

You guys! *blushes* Even if you’re just blowing smoke, it still feels nice to have you say you missed me. Thank you so much. It really does put a smile on my face! *hugs you super tightly* My day was good. I was lazy all day and slept. Yesterday my first GRE class went well, so now I’m less stressed about it. That’s such a relief! Hope all is well with you, too, nonny darling.

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KERRY! How are you my dear? So you will never believe the luck I have. Do you remember me telling you how upset I was my mother was making me get rid of my kitty. Well we actually found him wandering around outside tonight. and now I have my kitty back. there is no way im taking him back to the people i gave him to. but I've got my kitty!

Hello sweetheart. *hugs you super tightly* I’m so so sorry. That’s terrible. I’m so glad you found him and he wasn’t harmed. People should not take in animals if they don’t want them, and cats (in my opinion) don’t belong outside. I hope your mom lets you keep him now. If not, maybe you could think of contacting an organization to help you re-home him? I’d take him if I could. 

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Of course that this message was for you. ;)

Oh goodness. I’m incredibly flattered. I didn’t even think you knew who I was! I keep a relatively low profile. Or I thought I did, lol. *hugs you even tighter* Merci beaucoup, cherie. Vous êtes très sympathique et gentille.

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finally someone who speaks english!

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