"...writers are desperate people. And when they stop being desperate, they stop being writers." - Charles Bukowski

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Off to bed. Wish me luck tomorrow.

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"I don’t know where my boundaries are, I just say ‘yes’ to things"

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tagged as: Tom Hiddleston;  I love this gif;  I use it a lot;  I don't know if I have this version or another;  but his little 'yikes' face is priceless;  and I adore that tux;  it's the one he wore as a suit to Wimbledon '12;  and the one I dreamt I was wearing with nothing underneath;  *sighs wistfully*;  or was that real?;  *smirks*;  

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tagged as: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective;  Jim Carrey;  Courtney Cox;  yeah;  that's a pre-Friends Courtney right there;  fresh off her stint in Bruce Springsteen's video;  can you guess how old I am now lol?;  I'm super fucking old jfc;  by the way;  this movie is golden;  and the second one is too;  

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The deep blue sea: cast interview

tagged as: Tom Hiddleston;  he almost has too much beard here;  but not quite yet;  he's still;  greasy black-haired with almost full beard Tom;  and that is fantastic;  I swear to god he looks like a writer or a musician when he had this hair and super scruffy combo;  what I would give to fuck this Tom;  

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tagged as: James McAvoy;  Wimbledon;  yeah;  I sat through this whole movie;  he was the best part of it I might add;  did it make any sense that he and Paul Bettany were playing brothers?;  nope;  but James was utterly adorable;  that's all that mattered;  

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Oh, thank goodness for that! I really thought Tumblr had eaten my messages again! *Huggles tight* Yeah, feeling better thank you. And that's good news! Maybe someday we will actually have a real proper conversation and not messaging you then going to bed. Do you have any good plans for the weekend? I'll have the house free for three weeks! Party at mine, yeah? ;)

Hello sweetheart! So glad you’re better. *hugs you super tightly* I’m so upset I didn’t get the day off. Plus, tomorrow I have to do a class I’ve never done alone before, so I’m a little on edge. Anyway, I’d love to take a raincheck for this weekend. Perhaps next? I am 99% sure I have all of next Friday off.

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Please don't forget you were going to post a new chapter to longing still.

I didn’t forget anon-y darling, but thank you for sending a message. *hugs you super tightly* Unfortunately, since I had to work such a long week, and didn’t get off today like I’d expected, it’s gotten a bit pushed back. I now plan to post on Sunday.