"...writers are desperate people. And when they stop being desperate, they stop being writers." - Charles Bukowski

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Okay, cupcakes. I think I got to all my messages, so if you don’t see yours, I didn’t get it. I love you all.

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I know sometimes people give you shit about JMST but I love that as much as I love Tom's time. *huggles*

I used to get a lot of shit, yes. Now that I have James in my description, I don’t really get any. It’s weird though. I used to get a lot more hate in general. Now I don’t. However, I did start blocking urls of people I don’t like/don’t agree with how they function on tumblr in general, and also using the block anon function. Maybe that helped, lol. Either way, I’m glad you like the James! I need to have a real, old-fashioned JMST soon. Maybe tomorrow! *hugs you super tightly*

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Hey! Was just wondering if you've heard of this British female solo artisit called Indiana? She's amazing and I think you'd like her song 'Bound', it's really sexy and so's the video. Just thought I'd put it out there... *hugs and best wishes* <3

Haven’t heard of her, no, but I will try to look it up. I’m pretty picky about music. Thanks for thinking of me, though. *hugs you super tightly*

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17.10.2014 BFI London Film Festival (x)

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Tom Hiddleston as Coriolanus in Coriolanus [HQ]

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A disturbingly handsome scotsman called me 'lassie' and kissed my hand today. There's no reason you need to know that; I just felt like sharing because it made me giggle and blush. Also, I love your fics and how sweet you are to everyone *mwah!*

Well lucky you! *hugs you super tightly* I hope I have the privilege of that happening one day! And thank you, darling, for such a lovely compliment. I really appreciate it :)

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Watched Hamlet at the theatre and it was great. Hamlet was a psycho like Patrick Bateman. Don't see that interpretation that often. Had a lot of blood and annoying, singing angels (that is a thing of the company, which is Brecht's original theatre. So they want to throw you out of enjoying and simply watching the play.). Overall though it was different in it's staging, but really fantastic and the actors (especially Hamlet) were amazing. So had a great evening. How about your day?

Hello Franzi darling. *hugs you super tightly* Glad you enjoyed it! I also got your other message. You’re right: I would have had serious issues. He was very snotty when he started crying during the NT Live performance, and that was enough to drive me crazy. I don’t know why it arouses me so. It’s kind of bizarre. I think it’s just because it makes him so fragile and real.

You know, I am considering applying to graduate school in Germany. :)

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Hi Kerry! I had a crummy day Saturday (dinner with the family, don't even get me started) but now that I'm back home I'm settling in, doing laundry, and I've got nothing planned for tonight which sounds heavenly. How are you?!

I’m sorry, darling. *hugs you super tightly* I hope you have a lovely relaxing evening tonight! I’m doing okay for the most part. Thank you for asking :)

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